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It’s a user friendly product easy to carry easy to use with so much benefits This can only be achieved by assuring only the elegant quality raw materials are used. Along the trip, we linked India as having the optimal growing conditions and variety of Hibiscus for producing world- class quality products. We now reference from our own farmsteads as well as contract mate farmsteads which are located in pristine areas down from pollution. All our manufactories are treated as naturally as possible. We can also apply strict control quality measures to assure only the freshest and best are used in our products.

To assure natural integrity is retained, the Company practices elegant farmstead Operation where no insecticides or germicides are used during the growing cycle. However, extracts of garlic, ginger and chili pepper are sprinkled to discourage insects, if necessary. We also work with original agencies to help native growers in sustainability, adding value to their lives.

Our product development program redounded in several innovative and provoking new products. These products are Nature's new elements for the Food, Drink and Dairy Diligence. We manufacture in our own plant under license. Our products are manufactured from fresh Hibiscus to yield excellent bright red colour, texture and flavour. All natural nutrients are captured in our manufacturing processes. We don't add artificial ascorbic acid or any other complements to our products. All this care results in superior natural tasting products.

V value (Dil me bhi utre samjh me bhi aaye jeb me bhi jaye)

R rare (we are rare its not easy to copy our product)

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